Spartan Integrity

For me, integrity means doing the right thing in a consistent, reliable way. It is something that I aspire to every day. It does not necessarily mean perfection, but it does mean taking an honest look at oneself when falling short of your goals and standards, and making the difficult decisions necessary in order to improve.

I am running for Trustee at Michigan State UniversityThe word trustee, inherently states that someone has been entrusted with a responsibility. As your trustee, I will work hard to earn and keep your trust.

I often joke with my friends and tell them that being at Michigan State University was the best eight years of my lifeIt actually was. From countless late night undergraduate study sessions in the College of Engineering to graduate school group projects in The Eli Broad College of Business on the other side of campus, I learned what it takes to truly become a Spartan.  It means to strive, to persevere, and to achieve.

In my position with the City of Detroit...I am responsible for structuring contracts and agreements that allow several local non-profit organizations and homeless shelters to receive federal grants from the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Working with several levels of government is not often easy, but it gives me great pride to be a part of the process that allows funding to reach those who need it most.

Through my professional experience within the automotive industry...I gained expertise in working across several departments, often with competing objectives. I have become proficient at balancing short term cost savings with longer term strategic objectives. I have learned how to build coalitions within multiple departments and how to work together to achieve the optimal solution for the entire organization.

Since 2005, I have managed a non-profit...that works with churches and other non-profit groups to provide affordable housing for low income residents. I have been fortunate enough to be able to employ returning citizens and help them to get started with the next chapters of their lives.

Since 2009 I have managed a small businessMy entrepreneurial experience has shown me how to create opportunities for all stakeholders and to build long-term, productive relationships between principals, suppliers, and customers.

All of these experiences have taught to not merely be a part of the crowd that is angry about a crisis or situation, but to work alongside other problem solvers to be an active, integral part of the solution. We are all too familiar with the many challenges that we face in our great state and particularly with our Alma Mater. As a current board member of the National MSU Black Alumni Association, I have gained valuable insight regarding the tasks that lie before us at our University, along with the experience that is necessary in order to lead MSU into the future. Spartan Integrity is in my DNA. I am ready to be a part of the solution.