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We, at Michigan State University have a responsibility to be transparent in all of our actions, to everyone whom we serve. As your MSU Trustee, I will:

Listen to the concerns of students, parents, and faculty and relay them to the appropriate parties in a timely manner.

Continue to be open and honest in my relationships with every group and organization.

As a fiduciary, be fiscally responsible in all of my actions where University funds would be used.

Condemn any actions that are dishonest or corrupt and will defend anyone with the courage to point out any shortcomings that we may have.

Ensure that leadership at all levels will promote transparency for all events and occurrences that take place on the University campus and anywhere that the University is represented.


A world class University must be attentive and adapt to the needs of our students and parents in an ever changing world. As your MSU Trustee, I will:

Develop a mentoring program that includes middle school students and provide ample opportunities to interact with our campus.

Create parent partnerships where there is a Parent Academy for high school parents, so that parents are aware of how to gain access to financial assistance for their child.

Partner with DPSCD to retain the student teachers that begin their careers with the City of Detroit.

Provide incentives for underrepresented groups to apply for the College of Education and to seek opportunities in urban areas.

Work with our state legislature to acquire the necessary state funding that would allow the University to freeze tuition rates for ten years.


Our children, young adults, students, faculty, and residents all deserve to live, work, and play on a campus that is safe. As your MSU Trustee, I will:

Partner with our campus, city, and state police on initiatives that will encourage open communication with the University.

Introduce safe zones on campus where anyone who feels threatened can contact anyone from counselors to the police quickly and confidentially.

Work with Title IV officials to ensure that all inquiries and investigations are taken seriously, are confidential, and are handled swiftly and fairly.